The money taken at the door goes to pay the bands and the overhead fees.
All the work on this is volunteer and we appreciate your assistance in making it happen.


1. Plan to PACK IT IN PACK IT OUT. This is the best option.
There is a recycling can provided and if you must use it for beer bottles, please EMPTY THEM FIRST!  (All the trash and recycling goes home with us to deal with.)

2. THIS EVENT IS BYOBeverage, BUT IT’S ALSO BYODesignatedDriver.
The Shindigs work because people are responsible.

3. IF YOU CREATE OR SEE A SPILL, WIPE IT UP. There are floor towels provided in a bucket on the food table.

4. NO GLASS ON THE DANCEFLOOR! Avoid an embarrassing and messy situation!

5. FOOD: If you think you’ll want to eat something, it’s good to bring a dish to share.

6. OUTSIDE: All property surrounding the Town Hall is PRIVATE.
Therefore it is not appropriate to wander about in the neighbors yards.

7.PLEASE KEEP YOUR STUFF DOWNSTAIRS, especially any sold out gigs..(coats and beverages)We won’t put enough chairs out for everyone who may want one because it’s all about the dancing. By keeping our belongings downstairs the seats become free game and everyone gets a chance to sit at times.

We are always endeavoring to make These community dances work better.


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